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Please find a collection of posts put together to provide relevant information on trends, marketing implementation, strategy and creative practices.

Designed to provide a helpful stear to your own SEO projects and strategies or provide additional insight into the freelance services offered by Annie, if you are looking for information or guidance on any specific area – you are welcome to contact me and the whatsapp icon in the header comes directly through to me.

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SEO Analysis is required regularly – the more competitive your market is the more important this analysis becomes.

The ultimate goal to rank higher for relevant keywords and attract targeted traffic to the website also becomes a job of maintenance and the importance and workload increases in correlation with rising organic traffic figures.

Working with you to identify key reporting metrics and providing you with indicators before it impacts performance is what I am all about – providing you with the data-driven performance figures and insights to ensure you remain totally competitive. Additionally, where possible I have proved over the years my ability to identify major emerging trends and have considerable ability in being able to lead-the-way with creative and inspiring content that will cut-through the digital noise, engage existing and attract new users to your brand and product offerings.

The method of communicating this information will vary per project to some degree, and may involve regular meetings with other internal or extrenal teams, however, I will provide you with the details via an interactive and live platform – such as Looker studio providing you with highly relevant and at-a-glance details and overviews on things such as users, engagement time and any ecommerce or checkout metrics.

I am also experienced in tagging and identifying key events or behaviours on site, these can be turned into metrics alongside audiences, segments, user and views.


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