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The process of content creation and creating website content is an increasingly complex discipline. Not least due to the amount of digital noise that increasingly exists through the evolution of the WWW.

You will find extensive resources and top tips on this site designed to help you both analyse the state of your content and group content into clusters – ‘content Clustering’ is a well-known technique developed by HubSpot which allows you to create and build topically related pages. I have further included a technique – ‘The SEO colour wheel’ which takes content clustering a stage further and allows you to segment your website content according to intent and aligns it to both market and brand factors. It also allows you to get a clear visual on what areas of content you need to build-out or possibly cut back or merge.

You may also want to take a quick look at some content topic ideas that are relevant to most business types.

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 Marketing Resources
Annie Veale

CTA Examples and ideas

Crafting effective calls-to-action (CTAs) is vital across various channels, however, landing page optimisation and specifically, quality CTAs

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 Marketing Resources
Annie Veale

defining your digital vision

Top Tips for website design – including the benefits achievable through the stages of content, design and planning. The importance of getting SEO consultation on your site at the start of your project to ensure optimal results.

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Beyond the influencer, how do we identify trends? 

The tools and data available to us is extensive and with proper insight can lead us to new markets and social sharing, it can heighten brand messaging and core values. 

 Marketing Resources
 Marketing Resources


Marketing is a tricky mix of identity, research, insight, creativity, trends, timing and memorability.



A content strategy has to hinge together with a number of core principles, at the centre of which should be your crucial brand values, the ethos, and tie-in with relevant areas of interest to your end-user.

For example, profiling will allow you to build pictures of your customers, what other lifestyle interests, what type of homes they inhabit and activities they tend to engage in. By expanding into affiliate areas or topics of interest, you will allow your market reach to potentially increase and this is where content really does become king. 

We can all reach customers that are actively searching for a product. However, by that time, certainly, when it comes to quality or premium products, the browser has already built their own criteria and consumed enough information to be able to purchase. However, if your content can catch the eye ‘create a touch-point’ before they have considered a purchase, then you are protecting your growth, you are expanding your future market and can build a funnel for a longer-term.


Topic areas that satisfy this type of approach are obviously very hard to quantify, however, essentially, they have to provide information, views or thought that is well researched, it may allow knowledge sharing or provide some sort of authentication to values. Sustainability is a good example, it is an area on which many people invest their time and money, they also tend to research and listen to the current topics and developments that are occurring across many market places, whether this is purely as a consumer or for business activities. The content you can create for your business within this topic area are therefore extensive – 

Policy and company commitments. Some of the above are very quick, visuals, these provide opportunity for identity and branding to come into play, others a much more time intensive article, which in itself allows further opportunities to engage, others represent the opportunity to knowledge share.

The critical key, as is so often the case, is to ensure it is not ‘sustainable’ for ‘sustainable sake’, unless of course you are a pretentious brand where people purely buy and interact for the sake of pretence.   

Once you have considered your topic areas or threads, you will need to build out your content calendar, identifying the key times and days that your consumers are generally active and then micro detailing such as ensuring the images and messaging are observing headline rules, are eye-catching, are in accordance to your brand guidelines, sharable and supported by a landing page. Additionally, in my opinion, something that many tend to over-look is your social media channel purpose, each does a different thing, it is possible to encourage your customers to follow you across all channels – but why would they if you share exactly the same content?  

 Marketing Resources

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 Marketing Resources

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