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About Annie Veale

My career can be categorised into three main streams of activity –

>> Marketing – with more than 8 years spent working in agency environments, I have worked up from AM positions through to development and most recently DPM roles, a specialism in areas of analysis and SEO, content and campaign -but with true ‘generalist’ capabilities – making me a supportive and knowledgable team leader familiar with agile, waterfall and collaborative deliveries.

I have worked client-side and agency with many corporate and multi-nationals – this experience across digital marketing and DEV with my most recent years specialising in analysis and SEO. I hold certification across areas such as sales management, many google certificates and CPD qualifications within marketing and digital marketing.

>> Foods, Health and Catering have led to numerous Food and Beverage and Hospitality projects and also many roles in this sector to fund some more entrepreneurial projects! I have acquired a plethora of certifications and qualifications in areas of health, fitness, nutrition, and cheffing to name a few!

>> My entrepreneurial works have allowed me to work in many development roles – both DEV and product development, packaging and marketing – very much a start-up mentality with experience through sectors that identify as artisanal, quality, and hand-made. This link takes you through to an old site with some portfolios.

It can be a difficult task to find a freelancer that is truly able to complement your existing team and bring additional efficiencies to your team – I am confident across a range of specialisms and with the varied range of experience as detailed here – am able to bring specialist knowledge across a number of sectors and specialist service deliveries. This experience spans from 2001 and includes periods working within agencies as well as direct client-side positions, with direct implementation responsibilities as well as co-ordinating and managing agency service

2019-PresentFreelance ContractsSince 2019, Annie Veale has specialised in PPC, SEO, project management, and strategic campaign planning. She excels in content creation and social media management, leveraging her strengths in branding and creative elements to deliver engaging content formats. Annie has also enhanced her digital marketing skills and achieved CPD. She dedicated 2-3 years to GA4 during its initial implementation and testing phase and successfully managed migrations for companies of various sizes.
2014-2019Various Contract RolesFrom 2014 to 2019, Annie Veale held short-term or contracted positions primarily focusing on digital marketing, including SEO, PPC, and strategic campaign planning. She assumed managerial and strategic roles aimed at fulfilling branding, communications, and campaign objectives.
2018Marketing and Membership at Institute of AcousticsIn 2018, Annie Veale was involved in marketing and membership activities at the Institute of Acoustics. She developed marketing strategies, managed digital marketing efforts, created engaging content, oversaw social media platforms, led website development projects, and delivered presentations. Annie conducted research and development activities, implementing SEO, PPC, and social media plans while collaborating with external suppliers and media channels.
2006-2014Project Management Business Development Director at OrganiciQFrom 2006 to 2014, Annie Veale served as the Project Management Business Development Director at OrganiciQ. She handled business development, creative branding, project management, web design and optimisation, menu design, purchasing, legal matters, digital and print design work, and sales facilitation. Annie analysed key trends, coordinated multiple projects, and delivered presentations while initiating new business ventures and partnerships.
2006-2007Business Development Manager at Rossett Hall HotelAnnie Veale worked as the Business Development Manager at Rossett Hall Hotel from 2006 to 2007. Her responsibilities included generating sales leads, designing print and promotional materials, managing websites, planning and executing media campaigns, improving back-of-house operations and CRM systems, overseeing events, and managing corporate meetings and fairs. She effectively organised schedules to cover short-term and long-term business objectives, combining her creativity with product and client communications.
2005-2006Sales & Marketing Management for MBS & UoW productsFrom 2005 to 2006, Annie Veale managed sales and marketing efforts for MBS & UoW products. She provided advisory services, managed sales reporting, and communicated directly with clients. Annie contributed to product development and global communication strategies, ensuring effective sales and marketing operations.
2001-2004Special Projects Management at Conrad/ArtaviaAnnie Veale held the position of Special Projects Manager at Conrad/Artavia from 2001 to 2004. Her role involved project management, new business generation, financial budgeting and reporting, CRM operation, creative direction, media planning, e-marketing, and sales management. She excelled in conceptualising e-marketing strategies and lead generation, ultimately identifying and managing sales opportunities. SEO, PPC and e-marketing were part of her duties as an AM.
Pre-2001Prior RolesBefore 2001, Annie Veale held various sales and marketing roles, contributing to communications companies, insurance, training, and education clients. She managed sales teams, client marketing accounts, and spearheaded new business development initiatives.

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You will find a few links to other freelancers on this site currently, I have worked in many teams and in DPM roles over the years and will source someone appropriate to assist with any specialist area – such as copy writing – however my address book is good and growing – so from prototype and product design, through to copywriting and Devs – I can be of assistance with most project types!

Check back soon to access a freelance directory.




If you are in the gift, house, home speciality foods and design spaces, I have relevant experience in building out ecommerce channels, digital marketing, branding and trade events.


If you are trying to find a freelancer – I am able to plan and deliver from brand and design aspects as well as from the data-driven tracking and analysis – this allowing a unified and comprehensive approach to campaign planning – one that allows you to deliver appropriate messaging across channels and drive D2C sales along-side building out your business and wholesale.


Additional Links and Design Portfolios – *coming soon.


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