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Data analysis – one of the fundamental aspects of digital marketing is going through a bit a of an upheaval currently. With changes in cookie laws looming, third-party cookie changes and the sunset of Universal Analytics (what we have become accustomed to over the past 15 or so years) all require a change in our data collection and an opportunity to assess our tracking, events, conversions and ultimately a change from session-based reporting to allow a more holistic and arguably more accurate perspective of our customers in light of recent changes and restrictions. As a specialist Google analytics freelancer I can help guide you through these changes and provide advice, training and guidance to the implications of GA4 in context to your digital marketing, website configuration and data reporting.

 Google Analytics Freelancer

GA4 Migrations

GA4 Property 

Training + Site

If you are reading this, I am hoping that the basis of your migration to GA4 from UA has already started or that you have taken Google up on their clone services to create a GA4 property from your UA property – it is essential that you do this in the next month really – as come July there will be no new data collected in Universal Analytics.

If you are looking for migration services – from afresh or are perhaps experiencing troubles with events not migrating from UA, or even that it has been brought to your attention that previously set goals in UA have not transferred – then do get in touch.

There are many differences in UA to GA4 and as such, in many instances some code elements may need to change in your site and possibly new triggers and tags set in GTM. 

I can manage all of this process for you, providing you with consultation on naming conventions, implementation and strategic opportunities. In addition I can provide training services from explanations, to how-to videos, podcasts and chat support to internal teams.

 Google Analytics Freelancer

 Visualisations + Reporting

The dashboard in GA4 is a different set-up to UA, many reports may look as though they have disappeared completely – which can be quite unnerving – don’t fret!

The dashboards, summary cards and reports within the dashboard are all completely customisable and as a GA4 Freelancer I can re-create your reports or provide an explanation as to why a new report may be required to replace an old – there are instances whereby the base metrics have changed so completely that a continuation of using a report that may still utilize metrics that are called the same, are actually reporting on different sets of actions – therefore a seamless transition is to be avoided – especially for stakeholder comms etc.

Freelance GA4 services are tailor-made to your site and requirements. I have much experience in creating and visualising data and beyond the reports that can be created in addition to the dashboard report – the Explore charts can be created to replicate or often, provide a higher level of reporting that was possible in UA. In addition to this I provide data analysis and reporting services for a wide range of business and reporting purposes and can additionally utilise looker studio or other connectors to provide an additional representation of this data. Big Query is now readily available in all GA4 properties, not just GA360 as was previously the case 🙂

In addition, the UA data collected will, in most cases need to be reported on or represented or exported. This data will, according to official Google resources be available to us via the GA4 property as is currently the case for 6 months from the sunset date. After that time it will no longer be accessible. If you require a project quote for creating visualisations of this data I can quote to export into a report or presentation format, additionally creating sound-bite information for the purposes of referral and comparisons.

GA4 Tracking

Tracking tools

You may also require someone to look at your events set-up and tracking and tagging and I work in GTM to provide these services  – I can provide an hourly rate if you simply require a specific task completed, or I can quote for analysing your existing events, site data layers and code and cross-reference with those UA tags that you believe should still be active or advise you on any new code implementations required.

These tags can extend to areas such as Bing Ads, social pixels and tracking code and beyond and as such you will have a completely re-vamped container with a report on any changes, recommendations, and new implementations – this can be a type of tracking audit if preferred.

More Information on GA4 properties

Take a look back through some of these useful articles providing information on the GA4 properties as they evolved during 2022.

 Google Analytics Freelancer


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