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In relation to sourcing graphic design services, and more strategic brand, campaign or website design skills my experience positions me as a valuable asset for businesses seeking a freelance designer.

Experienced Design Services across print, digital content, brand and website. Discover more about my skills, experience and availability for your next project. Experienced Design Services

Types of DESIGN

Extensive Design Services

With a rich background in account management, copywriting, briefing internal teams, artworking in print production studios, and freelancing in areas to include website design and wireframing, branding, product and social media. My design credentials extend to areas such as furniture and interior design, sculpture and other very creative projects. I bring a holistic skill set to the table. However, this is not my main area of specialism since 2017 and you are encouraged to make contact in the first instance to assess availability.

DESIGN Experience

Annie Veale Freelance – background in Graphic Design

Account management was the a cornerstone of my graphic design journey, requiring me to effectively communicate with clients and create briefing documents for the purposes of pitches, projects and creation of display artwork, digital campaigns and web design. This experience has honed my ability to understand client needs, develop creative briefs, and manage projects from conception to completion. By overseeing the entire design process, I ensure that the visual elements align seamlessly with the broader marketing and branding objectives. The types of work completed ranged from direct response methods, teaser and brand awareness to features and advertorials.

In the realm of copywriting and briefing internal teams, my proficiency extends beyond visual aesthetics. I understand the power of compelling narratives and the role they play in enhancing campaign performance. My now quite senior expertise in areas of campaign planning, segments nicely with areas of campaign creative and copywriting to ensure that the visual and textual elements work to deliver a cohesive and impactful message to the target audience, and furthermore are delivered in the right media and platform format.

Artworking in print production studios has provided me with hands-on experience in working across multiple clients on a range of technical design projects requiring assets that range from flyers, to business cards, email templates to landing pages.

This technical expertise ensures that the visual identity and brand is served correctly across print and digital applications. Most of this work was completed utilising adobe software, although other platforms and tools have also featured in my career.

Experience in Web and WordPress Design

Freelance website design and wireframing are also areas of significant focus in my career, allowing me to contribute both technically and creatively, crafting digital assets that align with the business goals. From conceptualising website layouts to creating user-friendly wireframes, and supporting structural or data visualisations and charts I ensure that the online presence reflects the brand’s identity and engages users effectively. If you are looking for a reliable web design services in London or the UK you are welcome to arrange a consultation on your website project. These days I am focussed on developing within WordPress, aligning with the latest industry standards and trends.

Branding Skills

Developing brand elements and managing social media posts and content are integral aspects of my graphic design expertise. Brand consistency is paramount, and I am well versed in working to brand guidelines, developing assets or creating branding commentary that serve as a roadmap for maintaining a unified visual identity across diverse platforms whilst evolving to the ever-changing needs of the digital user. Additionally, my proficiency in social media design ensures that brands are well-represented and resonate with their target audience in the ever-evolving digital landscape. I am currently more involved in content strategy and campaign elements as opposed to social delivery, however, this can be provided as part of a larger or retained SLA.

Current Design Services

In my current freelance capacity, I provide graphic design services on occasion, typically after a campaign strategy exercise. However, my more frequent engagements revolve around data visualisation, reports, and infographics. I leverage my graphic design skills to transform complex data sets into visually compelling and easy-to-understand graphics. This not only enhances the communicative power of the information but also aids decision-making processes within organisations.

Whether you require a fresh creative perspective following a campaign or product launch or specialised services in data visualisation, reports, and infographics, it is worth making contact with me. If your project is more design-based – requiring someone who understands the design process and can provide original thought and leadership, there may be an opportunity to work with you on a per-project basis, this will however depend on my existing clients and commitments.

If you are looking for a Freelance graphic designer to complete artworking tasks routinely then I may well be in a position to provide you with contacts who can assist. View a portfolio of graphic design work.

Experienced Design Services across print, digital content, brand and website. Discover more about my skills, experience and availability for your next project. Experienced Design Services

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