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There is a formula – several in fact, to marketing and in an ideal world we would all be creating content, be improving SEO and posting regularly on social – diligently replying to DMs.

Budgets, time and availability all impact what we can do and when. Marketing is often the first to suffer when we get stretched. However, planning a delivery schedule, analysing the market and allocating resources in the right weighting to progress and evolve the deliveries can be achieved no matter what the challenges. I provide data-driven thought, insight and recommendations about where to put your budget, and how to make it work harder for you to achieve the best results.

ideas with Annie Veale Freelance

where ideation meets data

Creativity and ideas are what brings a brand, campaign or communication alive – it is what connects, resonates and affirms our reasons for connecting with and trusting in a company.

Data is what tells us whos doing what, it measures performance and provides insight to our market and to our customers preferences. It allows us guage our marketing efforts and draw real insight to business and communication processes. 

Combine these elements to deliver each and every time.

The right image

Check out our professionals with a wide range of styles and specialties, available to work with you on creating your next project.

Imagery is so important – beyond graphics and stock imagery I can connect you with other professionals to allow your communications to speak volumes – even without words!


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UK based freelancer -
DPM + Digital Marketer - Content + SEO + Campaign


INSIGHTFUL Intelligent decisive

The right communications, are delivered at the right time on the right platforms. Consistent, identifiable and delivered with the right intent.

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