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Tools and Advice to improve website performance

This page provides a number of resources allowing you to learn more about the analysis involved in firstly, determining the standard of your website from the perspective of page speed and performance as well as user engagement performance and SERPs performance.

Carefully selected articles here provide comprehensive access to articles written to help point you in the right direction – whether you have a brand new web launch or are looking at what can be improved for a site of age, there are always improvements you can make to improve the visibility and engagement of your web pages.

If you are looking for specific information on SEO you will find a number of topic relevant articles here, and additional information on SEO pricing and deliverables above the footer.

Annie Veale Freelance
Analysis and Analytics
Annie Veale

Google Analytics Training, Reports and Consultation

Top Tips for getting to grips with google analytics training, GA4 property configuration and additional links and resources provided to check and book training, reporting and consultation services.

the key to your digital marketing
Analysis and Analytics
Annie Veale

Setting up Google Analytics 4 dashboards

Top Tips for setting up and configuring your GA4 Dashboard, how to customise reports and summary cards and much more!

Time and Money the PPC equation
Analysis and Analytics
Annie Veale

Successful PPC and your Google Ads Account

Freelance support to your Google Ads Account provides you with professional marketing expertise to keep budgets tight and maximise results according to your strategy.

analysis under the microscope
Analysis and Analytics
Annie Veale

Website Strategy and reporting with GA4

GA4 will be the only google reporting tool available by June 2023 – It is a wise move to get your new GA4 reporting property set-up as soon as possible to allow the least disruption to your reporting and performance analysis.

audit tools
search and SEO

SEO adds tech to an already tricky mix of identity, research, insight, creativity, trends, timing and memorability. The essentials of Marketing.


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