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Tools and Advice to improve website performance

This page provides a number of resources allowing you to learn more about the analysis involved in firstly, determining the standard of your website from the perspective of page speed and performance as well as user engagement performance and SERPs performance.

Carefully selected articles here provide comprehensive access to articles written to help point you in the right direction – whether you have a brand new web launch or are looking at what can be improved for a site of age, there are always improvements you can make to improve the visibility and engagement of your web pages.

If you are looking for specific information on SEO you will find a number of topic relevant articles here, and additional information on SEO pricing and deliverables above the footer.

Creating Purchase intent
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Content SEO the planning stages

In order to complete a content SEO project with any degree of success there are resources and stages that you should plan for. Utilise a content colour wheel to create a content marketing plan.

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types of SEO
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Types of SEO

Understand the different types of SEO in more detail and the different packs of SEO available to you freelance.

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marketing and content tools
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Technical SEO Guide

Rather than just provide an automated crawl report on the errors and warnings of SEO issues that exist I can manage the technical SEO process. From investigating the causes of the errors to implementing the fixes onsite or tasking up to your tech team, the process is thorough and provides you with total control on budget/time spent.

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audit tools
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SEO adds tech to an already tricky mix of identity, research, insight, creativity, trends, timing and memorability, the essentials of Marketing.

SEO Analysis, monitoring and delivery

Many people ask the importance of SEO and many more will follow the stats in isolation, the fact is that Google is becoming increasingly interested in the quality of content and its recent updates have very much focused on the language and intent of the content, this is a good move in my opinion.  

What it means is you ideally need to have someone monitoring and interrogating the market and the different aspects of your website performance data relating to your site and sector and ideally, a small team of content writers – people that are true wordsmiths and, and I cannot emphasise this enough, people that are true experts in your field. The SEO work is science and the ability of those with creative flair to apply content updates in-line with SEO structure and technical best practice will ensure this science is delivered via quality content, with skill. These content optimisations further provide opportunities in relation to maximising on page SEO, backlinks and technical SEO. 

The cost of an audit will depend on your site – the size and also stability and amount of SEO work completed to date – if you are just starting to get to grips with optimisation – we will keep it relevant to a 6-12month period of achievable recommendations for your proposed budget. You can expect to pay anything between £400 and £1500 for a SME.

If you want to run a quick SEO audit on a specific page – please head to the Audit Tools page where you can run a test and gain insights via an automated report – you will also find additional resources for custom manual audits on areas such as content, SEO and performance.

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