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website audits GA4 and SEO
Annie Veale

Website Strategy and reporting with GA4

GA4 will be the only google reporting tool available this time next year – It is a wise move to get your new GA4 reporting property set-up as soon as possible to allow the least disruption to your reporting and performance analysis.

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website audits GA4 and SEO
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Annie Veale

Website audits – beyond the free tests.

The regular assessment of your website is a good practice and allows you to improve performance, better understand the good and the bad factors influencing your organic search traffic and also to clear the clutter and keep things super relevant. It is also the place to start when initiating your marketing campaigns.

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SEO adds tech to an already tricky mix of identity, research, insight, creativity, trends, timing and memorability, the essentials of Marketing.

SEO Audits

Many people ask the importance of SEO and many more will follow the stats in isolation, the fact is that Google is becoming increasingly interested in the quality of content and its recent updates have very much focused on the language and intent of the content, this is a good move in my opinion.  

What it means is you ideally need to have someone monitoring and interrogating the market and performance data relating to your site and sector and ideally, a small team of content writers – people that are true wordsmiths and, and I cannot emphasise this enough, people that are true experts in your field. The SEO work is science and the ability of those with creative flair will ensure this science is mixed with quality content with skill, whilst the optimisations that exist in regards to maximising on page SEO, backlinks and technical SEO. 

The cost of an audit will depend on your site – the size and also stability and amount of SEO work completed to date – if you are just starting to get to grips with optimisation – we will keep it relevant to a 6-12month period of achievable recommendations for your proposed budget. You can expect to pay anything between £400 and £1500 for a SME.

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