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Indicators of ‘content-gaps’

By employing the following techniques and analysing relevant analytics indicators, you can gain valuable insights into content gaps on a website. This knowledge can guide content planning and strategy to fill those gaps and provide a more comprehensive and engaging user experience. 

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 Content Strategy and Analysis



Keyword Analysis: Conduct a thorough analysis of the website’s target keywords and compare them with the existing content. Look for keywords that are highly relevant to the business or industry but have little or no content coverage. Identifying keywords with high search volume and low competition can reveal potential content gaps to capitalise on within your sector. Identifying related keywords of high search volume but that rank poorly or not at all could indicate that there is a case to spend some time on your content strategy and Analysis of your site.

Content Audit: Perform a comprehensive content audit to evaluate the existing content on the website. Look for topics or areas that are not adequately covered or are missing altogether. Analyse whether the content addresses the needs and interests of the target audience. Identify gaps in terms of content depth, format, or topic coverage.

The SEO Colour Wheel – a useful visualisation and project management tool for your gap analysis content strategy.

 Content Strategy and Analysis

Gap analysis content strategy is best suited to the SEO Colour Wheel visualisations – neatly identifying key areas to focus your content strategy, namely, when utilising this framework  – micro-topics and Thin-Content, the latter also giving rise to concern for structural elements of the site.

 Content Strategy and Analysis

This second chart now has many of the correctly categorised products removed from the diagram allowing us to see more clearly which URLs and content groups require more attention. It is at this point that your site content strategies can be formed, this chart allowing an informed and accomplished strategy to be implemented in accordance to the priorities dictated by your competition and company objectives.

 Content Strategy and Analysis

UI UX and Behaviours.

User Engagement Metrics: Analyse user engagement metrics such as engagement rate, average engagement time per session, and exit rate. Poor performance metrics on these key events indicate that visitors are not finding the information they need or that the content fails to capture their interest. Such indicators can highlight areas where content gaps exist and suggest that there may be cause to spend time on your content gap analysis and content strategy.

Site Search Analysis: Analyse the internal site search data to understand what users are searching for on the website. Look for search queries that return no results or have low click-through rates. These queries may indicate specific topics or information that users are seeking but are not adequately addressed on the site. Additionally, in GA4, the Explore reports allow you to build a funnel – I would suggest modelling these funnels on a series of actions – building in at least two search events – and looking at the abandonment rate between search and the desired conversion events or user behaviours that indicate a prospect is warming or converting. If the abandonment rate and the exit rate is high after using these on site search tools – this is again a strong indicator that you Content Strategy and Analysis requires an update and commissioning or conducting an audit would be wise.

Competitor Analysis: Conduct competitive analysis to identify the content strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the same industry or niche. Look for topics or areas where competitors have comprehensive content coverage that your website lacks. Identifying gaps in comparison to competitors can provide valuable insights into potential content opportunities and further serve to provide a priority of focus.

Social Listening: Monitor social media platforms, forums, and industry-specific communities to understand the conversations and topics relevant to the target audience. Look for recurring questions or discussions that indicate information gaps. By addressing these gaps, you can provide valuable content that meets the needs of your audience.

Conversion Funnel Analysis: As mentioned earlier in this article – these conversion funnels can be a huge help to us when trying to identify weak areas of site content or user experience. Evaluate your Content Strategy and Analyse the conversion funnel to identify stages where visitors drop off or fail to convert. This can indicate content gaps that prevent users from progressing further in their buyer’s journey. By identifying these gaps and creating targeted content to bridge them, you can improve conversion rates.

GA4 Tracking

Tracking tools

You may also require someone to look at your events set-up and tracking and tagging and I work in GTM to provide these services  – I can provide an hourly rate if you simply require a specific task completed, or I can quote for analysing your existing events, site data layers and code and cross-reference with those UA tags that you believe should still be active or advise you on any new code implementations required.

These tags can extend to areas such as Bing Ads, social pixels and tracking code and beyond and as such you will have a completely re-vamped container with a report on any changes, recommendations, and new implementations – this can be a type of tracking audit if preferred.

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 Content Strategy and Analysis


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