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Introduction – SEO Content Visualisation Chart

content Audit Tool

For those of you considering a content audit, the SEO colour wheel chart is the ideal solution.

It is available to order in a starter and standard edition and after consultation you can also opt for an advanced chart, ideal for larger websites of more than 250 pages, or those with ecommerce or extensive programmatic urls.


WHY It helps to visualise
your content?

The chart provides a very clear evaluation of your site structure and the next steps on which to focus within your site content marketing.

Upon completion of your SEO colour wheel chart you will find your site in one of three scenarios:

Scenario 1 – There are a large number of pages listed but that do not appear in a relevant content topic within the chart – this indicates a large number of low volume pages – this could be due to many reasons, which we will be able to advise you on.

Scenario 2 – Thin site content – suggesting content creation solutions are required on quite an extensive scale. We will be able to provide advice as to what sort of content can and should be produced within identified categories.

Scenario 3 – A fairly balanced and complete colour wheel. The next steps in content and SEO will be determined largely by what objectives you want to achieve. The chart will be able to further confirm content topics of high traffic and opinions provided on the event tracking to confirm whether the user flow and engagement is indicating the traffic is of good quality or mismatched. Further advice will be provided as to whether to focus on outreach or other specialist SEO types and services that will be of most benefit to you.

Order an Interactive site Content Visualisation chart Elevate your content project if considering budget allocation on content creation you benefit from the report & data Order your SEO colour wheel

ORDER YOUR SEO Content chart

Order an Interactive site Content Visualisation chart Elevate your content project if considering budget allocation on content creation you benefit from the report & data Order your SEO colour wheel

This SEO colour wheel content audit provides you with an exceptionally good visualisation for any content project and helps you identify content gaps, key content clusters, core pages and the structural ‘properness’ of your pages, in addition, it can help identify cannibalisation and other content SEO pitfalls.

You will get an interactive chart and this will provide you with a particularly good basis for project management or, in the unenviable task of turning around website performance with board members who are not natives in SEO provides an exceptional visualisation tool to support and identify how and where the budget will be spent on improving the site.

I provide clear comms and can provide or adapt to any number of different collaboration or communication tools and provide support meetings at project kick-off and completion.

For more information on the SEO colour wheel and the benefits of this model in your content strategy please visit these case studies or learn more about the origin and the effective use of the SEO colour wheel theory.

Order an Interactive site Content Visualisation chart Elevate your content project if considering budget allocation on content creation you benefit from the report & data Order your SEO colour wheel



If you would prefer to test this service and have a site of no more than 50 pages this Starter Package would suit your needs more fully and at a more affordable price.

You will get the full SEO Colour Wheel Chart as a static format and contain all of the audit elements as stated below.

Content Audit

SEO Colour Wheel Content Audit
£ 850 Single payment
  • Delivery Time - 5 days
  • Number of pages - 50
  • Page Evaluation
  • Topic Evaluation
Other SEO Audit Options

You may also want to take a look at SEO Audits IO if you are a medium large corporate site, or one requiring a highly advanced audit. I can recommend their agency, and it is a UK based company. However, due to popular demand I would suggest allowing a suitable lead time, and perhaps to opt for services here if you need an emergency or swift turnaround.

The interactive SEO colour wheel chart provides you with access for 6 months to the site content data as a snapshot on the date the audit was completed. the audit provides you with an excellent visualisation tool for any content project and will serve to provide easy-to-understand information regarding the content topics that may be duplicated or identify gaps in your site’s topics or topic categories.

It will provide you with user flow information and identify keywords for all the pages in your site upto a maximum of 250 pages – if you have more pages it would be better for you to make contact with Annie directly. 


Interactive Content Chart

SEO Colour Wheel Content Audit
£ 1,400 Single payment
  • Delivery Time - 10-15 days
  • Number of pages - 250
  • Page Evaluation
  • Topic Evaluation
  • Number of Keywords Included - 500max
Reasons to INVEST in a COntent Audit
And why 2024 is a particularly good time

With the imminent rollout of SGE in the UK, the ever-increasing importance of content in terms of your SEO performance is even more pronounced.

These audits and charts provide an effective solution for large or small sites, and can provide the data in an easy to understand visual – aiding cross-team communications. This data can also be highly detailed and is compiled utilising  tools such as GSC, SEMrush and screaming frog, if there is an exact focus you require, whether the focus be on the type of content, an element of the site structure, engagement or just the queries in context of the content, this is all possible and real-world insight and recommendation can be provided in written and meeting format.

It is these recommendations that will likely keep you on the right track with the 2024 updates and expected SGE rollout this year. The value of these charts goes beyond a communication and understanding tool, and can help in the project management of the implementation phase for any of the proposed work, ensuring the updates occur swiftly and with as little disruption to performing pages as possible.

It is also an absolute gem when it comes to budget planning and allocation of resource for content creation. Helping you to save £££££s in this respect.

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