Types of SEO
 Types of SEO


Understand the different types of SEO in more detail and the different packs of SEO available to you freelance.

Specialist SEO Consultancy.

Types of SEO packages

Crafted to serve the brand and business elements of each client, the SEO consultancy services are delivered on a freelance basis – this can be retained or, in some instances on a project basis.

The types of SEO:

Local SEO – listings management-reviews-keywords-meta

Content SEO – features-on-page-off-page-social signals

Technical SEO – site structure-site-maintenance-urls-code-speed-performance

SEO Audits – site performance, site health along-side the actual fixes required. Advice on the routine-batch tasks required, structure analysis, general ‘Housekeeping Issues’, legacy backlinks analysis. Competitor, trend and Market condition reports.

SEO consultancy and performance reporting – listings management-reviews-content-keywords-SERPS-features-schema-backlinks-performance

 Types of SEO

Your specialist SEO services

Local SEO pack – bricks and mortar locations – is it all about business in your region?

Opt for the Local SEO pack and save £££s in optimisation tools and time on monitoring and adding listings.

Specialist SEO consultancy able to travel to you for scoping and reporting sessions – Hertfordshire, London, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and able to deliver Local SEO for businesses and organisations that depend on local visibility – wherever you are based in the UK.

Citations, map listings, Google my Business profiles, reviews, inlinks, schema, internal links and all things tech!



Technical SEO pack – Got speed issues? Is your Google site score low, are you using templates that add too much weight? Its all about speed and performance and we cut straight to the chase by giving Google what it wants – pages loading fast, looking pretty and interactive in nanoseconds
across all types of devices.

If you have been looking into First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) & Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) you are likely to have done some research and still feel a bit in the dark about what steps to take in order to satisfy the search engines – as a specialist SEO consultant I can work with your existing developers or implement direct fixes that will monitor and deliver updates to your site and code to ensure that it runs as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.


And provide this tech talk in meaningful reports and understandable terms.

SEO Audits

I provide full SEO consultancy audits that not only provide full insight into speed and performance issues, but extend much further into backlinks analysis, organic position analysis and competition strategy and performance. It is providing you with Content Group approach to your site which, as opposed to keyword strategies is a much more holistic and effective way to get your site ranking for target keywords and improve overall site performance.

Experienced analysts able to extract the most pertinent SEO information – the SERPS features your pages need to rank for, cannibalisation issues, cluttered pages and faulty or clumsy site structures. We will be able to tell you what percentage of traffic is well matched and what percentage is likely to disingenuous – a dangerous situation to be in when you consider the analysis on your website performance is often largely based on what actions your site traffic makes.

These audits are designed to be big picture reports and can be delivered cost efficiently – for the purposes of progression, quickly via meeting or through the delivery of crafted documents with data visualisation representing the reams of excel data that can often exist for your sites many 1000s of database pages. These reports are useful for time-stamping your marketing and optimisation efforts and providing points of reference for progression and performance. The top tier SEO consultancy retainer will provide these reports continually on a bi-annual basis.


Content SEO includes areas such as features (SERPS features) on-page and off-page SEO and essentially is best described as your campaign planning/campaign schedule. SEO Marketing is very definitely Content SEO, however, in order to be effective, (the nature of SEO is a complex matrix of mapping content groups, individual topics, features, links, backlinks and partners, authority and social signals) it is not normally the sole responsibility of a MM.

Again, I would strongly advise taking an audit prior to starting work on this and to steer well clear of the SEO analyzer tools, opt instead for a specialist SEO consultant or professional, who has the ability to analyse and implement either through an independent team or one that can dovetail to your own team. To approach SEO marketing as an essential and on-going investment to your site and digital performance is now an almost mandatory requirement in order to achieve in the competitive digital landscape.

Landing page creation for Ads and PPC activity should serve to improve the overall campaign/content strategy and all these elements essentially combine to create a funnel, as with any business, you should be able to identify which topics are slow-burn/long-term funnels – designed to extend market reach and those topics that are on-the-money and if not transactional pages – certainly providing instant access to transactional pages.

I have developed a theory called SEO Colour-Wheel-THEORY and this, I find, is particularly helpful in describing and visualising the processes involved in SEO, and often, in the case of the SME is the point at which internal teams understand the importance of extending the principles of the business, into touch-point publishing and the inter-relationships these content groups have across many different types of persona or potential new client. It is complex work and beyond the remit of the Marketer, as such the content and written structure of these articles is often best not approached by the PR or Social team, and is best produced by an experienced SEO, albeit with the help of an ‘expert in the field’ copywriter or PR agency. This content structure is so vitally important that it needs to address the audience whilst also serving the bot, logic and formatting are as important as the audience, add to that the specialist SEO elements required within an on-page off-page SEO context and you will most often find it is best to remove most of this content creation from the in-house teams. However, utilising the SEO colour wheel theory, it is possible to identify in-house specialisms and foster a collaborative approach to this content creation, this I find can often bring many advantages to the quality of the content and equally, from the browsers perspective a more inclusive experience to the site and navigation.=

 Types of SEO
Retained monthly SEO services.

Retained, monthly freelance SEO services.

I price these according to your specific site needs and would always recommend an audit or consultation prior to commencement. I am a freelancer with experience across SME and global corporations and cap my monthly retainers at £5k if you are looking at retained services that exceed this level, I can help introduce you to specialist digital agencies and help with pitch documents and help through consultation, advise on the contract specifics required for these all-important retained service agreements.

I provide granular plans for your SEO activity and can deliver the reports you need when you need them. I can work with you to suggest KPIs and metrics to allow the most accurate monitoring of organic performance and beyond that guide you on areas of site performance – from the technical aspects – (please see above) to your individual product performance and business conversions. We work tirelessly to elevate domain authority, visibility and trust scores and do this through expert evaluation of the space you operate within and utilisation of many tools – which, as you are probably already aware add up to several hundred pounds each month in subscriptions. If you want to maintain a handle on your SEO in-house – I can deliver a package that suits you  – allowing a more efficient and informed position for your in-house team and a more technical and complete SEO strategy to be maintained long-term.

Reporting and Analysis – I also offer, as part of the digital marketing services reporting – this is designed to allow you to have access to all your data sets centrally – collating information that you may have within spreadsheets, social channels and analytics platforms into one central dashboard.

Again, we offer tiered service levels and can provide an option that suits your needs on a budget/need basis – this is particularly in demand currently with the UA=GA4 switchover and the reporting challenges this is presenting. 

 Types of SEO

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