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When looking at starting a significant SEO project, I would always suggest taking an audit in the first instance, it requires a knowledgeable and experienced eye to be able to fully ascertain the main elements that may be holding you back and to logically plan SEO content writing.

Your Content-SEO checklist.

In terms of content writing, it can be approached in a very similar fashion to your social media content calendar or campaign planning/scheduling.

You will need to put yourself in the position whereby you have well-written and informative content – each page is classified by the search engines as informative|transactional|search and will further be enhanced by features such as rich results, items such as image carousels, video packs, FAQs etc.

It is also true that keywords are becoming less important to the ranking, however, the exercise of identifying search queries and ensuring that content matches that query is essential. For the purposes of ease of administration of content, I would recommend that you follow the suggestions and tools provided by the likes of a reputable extension provided to manage and implement SEO within the dashboard of your website.

However, it is true, we are now in a position whereby the written context and intent carry more weighting for position and ranking and as such, I would suggest also taking a look at how you classify your posts – all too often a site post will carry a category and tag that is almost identical or that has very little SERPs value, these structural elements to the page path are vital to understand and analyse. Perhaps utilising a format that follows something more along the lines of the following articles, may well serve you better, you can then reserve tags to be the micro topics contained within each article/blog.

The following blog articles are written to provide an introduction or guide to all of your marketing efforts – whether it be creative, strategic or technical. I can provide the best approach, through data and my aim here, is to assist you with identifying your marketing and SEO content writing best practices, top tips and guides.


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I frequently find myself in conversations with clients saying that they need to re-write their website copy for the purpose of SEO or vice versa – to make it more user-friendly and reflective of brand tone-of-voice.

These top tips should help you keep on track when starting such a content project.


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