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Please find a collection of posts put together to provide relevant information on website audit checklist, marketing strategy and visualisation and SEO insights.

Designed to provide a helpful stear to your own SEO projects and strategies or provide additional insight into the freelance services offered by Annie.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Site Audits, and Content Marketing are three essential pillars of a successful digital marketing strategy. 

Each element plays a crucial role in driving organic traffic, improving website visibility, and engaging audiences with relevant and valuable content. The best place to start is with an audit and you should find some helpfull resources here to compile a website audit checklist.

It is in these areas that I have spent the recent years specialising, providing a very thorough suite of audits and reporting for project kick-off and additionall providing access through online dashboards to instant KPIs and reporting metrics designed bespoke to your site, objectives and sector. Additionally providing quarterly reporting for all my retained SLA clients.

The following articles are from the archive and provide useful resources, top-tips or information on how to approach and deliver successfully on SEO, content and data visualisation techniques. Most notably the SEO Colour Wheel Theory providing an excellent framework from which to identify and deliver advanced content strategies and content marketing.


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