Planning Video Content

How to plan and create Video and video content –

In terms of video as a medium, it is a highly eye-catching and ultimately, a highly engaging way to communicate with your customers and also a means to expand reach into new markets.  
The creative process of working through ideation and the messaging delivery, working out how best to portray each in suitable imagery for frames is storyboarding.

In terms of the creative construction, this is an extremely helpful link – guiding you through the visual elements and importance of perspectives and how to achieve expert frame transitions providing expert tips for

animation, and frame layouts.

The starting point has got to be: 

What do I want to achieve?

Planning video content has to start with the basics – ideally, todays social audiences want short-form content – it has to hit all the right notes straight-up!

If you are looking at providing information for the prospective purchaser, you are likely to want to need to put together a fairly factual, demonstration type message – this can apply to both product and service businesses and often requires a set and on location filming services, allowing you to show your product/ service in action along with any awards, certifications, instructions that are useful to the purchaser.

The problem with this type of advertising, especially for the start-up is that you are essentially broadcasting, to everyone, and your competition, what your USPs are and unless protected by patents, is not the most advised strategy.

Brainstorm with purpose

On Target

Obviously, the degree of creativity applied to the messaging will serve the purpose of ensuring the delivery is purposed into a style and culture that will engage with your target audience.    

How do you decide on who your target audience is – will mostly depend on the lifecycle stage of your company. However, it is vital that you understand both your customer and your proposed target market types – if you are a very niche product, you are likely to have a niche consumer, however, if you are looking at maximizing on your market share – you need to be careful as not to alienate existing clients. A good creative approach is the key to success, and more so, when there are multiple delivery channels utilised in a campaign.

 Planning Video Content
For the product-based business, categories are:

Health messages/claims and also Environmental 

Claims/achievements and

Envy – (keeping up with the Jones’s)

Lifestyle – owning this makes you – successful, popular, sexy, interesting, knowledgeable etc

 User generated content

Teaser and Eye-catcher videos

For the service-based business, categories are:

We make a difference to your day –  the difference between being on-time, organized, happy etc is employing us!

Growth – we are moving, going places etc

The Human touch – who we are – or an exaggerated example of – We are meticulous, extreme geeks, obsessively dedicated, healthy etc

Teaser and Eye-catcher videos

 Planning Video Content

This page should provide you with a guide on breaking down the content and ideation phases, and allow you to plan your video content and content schedules with a bit more confidence – however, if you are feeling a bit daunted or require specialists to create animation or interactive video and are mindful of keeping it nicely pulling towards achieving your campaign goals, the best option would be to find a freelancer or agency to develop your visions. 

The button above will provide a simple breakdown of the costs associated with your marketing delivery plans. If you are looking for highly creative and bespoke video services, it is possible to do this quite affordably and I would recommend getting in touch with me, to sound out the possibilities.

My particular strengths are in areas of campaign, strategy and ideation. I have extensive experience working across a range of business types and sizes range from start-ups, through to agencies and large, global corporations. I am therefore skilled in
 co-ordinating digital projects that require the input from teams of specialists and am also able to ‘Just do it’ myself.

Advantages of Interactive

Another thing to consider at the start is the use of interactive video formats, essentially, this can be a cost-based decision, the creation of such being dependent on the type of platform – ranging from around 2,000 per year through to about 20,000 per year. Alternatively, you may be able to find a freelancer to create similar basic functions for around £600 per video.   

The engagement rates of interactive video are impressive boasting a boost in engagement by as much as 40%. What it allows you to do is almost limitless, but essentially, and what should not be forgotten by all those seeking to take advantage of instant click and buy while watching or the gains provided through lead generation/ surveys is, that it should enhance the experience of the end user allowing choice of navigation.

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