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Website Analysis and Audits

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Data analysis – everyone has access to data, masses of it, few, however, can cut through, visualise meaningful insights and keep ahead of trends and desires – great communication and impeccable timing create conversions and conversations.

The answer to ‘How do I improve my CTR, ROI, conversions and purchase volume?’ Always starts with analysis, it often requires a sharp eye and ruthless approach to get real improvements to performance. I provide a range of audits and in-depth reporting into site performance, SEO, setting up reports for tracking – I can also provide freelance digital marketing consultant services to further guide you through this data.

 SEO Freelance Audits

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 SEO Freelance Audits

Google and MOZ audits

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Upon entering the details above we will gather the necessary information on your website utilising the tools from Google and MOZ and also hone in on your specified keyword.

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Your Site Audit Results

Automated audits provide a summary of what tasks need to be completed on a technical front – it is not an exhaustive list and I would recommend utilising the services provided for freelance auditing and reporting.

These Audits are a more thorough, manual exploration of the entire site and take into account areas such as competition, keywords, page performance and legacy changes and Google Updates you can also opt for detailed content and on-page SEO as well as a local SEO reports which detail the various instances of your sites listings, the accuracy of those listings and a selection of sites suitable for inclusion.

 SEO Freelance Audits
DATA meets communication

Creativity and ideas are what excites me – always backed by thorough research

Analysing your competition, the market and sector space, as well as exploring the creative possibilities fully.

More recently I have focussed in areas of digital and web builds – connecting clever content with user journeys and pushing the boundary between function, speed and design. 

Below you will find a snapshot of some of the marketing services offered – these span all areas of digital marketing, much content and campaign planning – some events experience and extensive involvement in SEO and performance.

 SEO Freelance Audits


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