Successful PPC and your Google Ads Account
Time and Money the PPC equation


Freelance support to your Google Ads Account provides you with professional marketing expertise to keep budgets tight and maximise results according to your strategy.

Google Ads Account


Google Ads is one of the highest-converting forms of advertising available, it also allows an almost instant traffic stream to your site. So how much do you spend? And how do you get the best performance?



If you are new to google Ads it is well worth some consultation, it is a great way to get traffic, but it is also a very fast way to spend money and ensuring the budget is right for you is the key factor – it also takes a little time for the accounts to perform at their best, initially, the campaigns will need to serve enough volume to determine/ predict behaviours of users, this is unless you opt for a fully managed option.


Ad Group Copy Writing

It is so important to get this right and to spend some time writing, identifiable, on-brand, and compelling copy. It is not enough just to appear in front of a potential customer – you have to actually make them click. The additional features available are also key to attracting the right attention and utilising images, pricelists, call-outs and sitelinks are all factors that influence the optimisation of the advert and visibility or space occupied in the search results. They also serve as valuable extra space to provide those high-profile combinations that attract the eye and encourage a click. 


Researching and compiling keywords from the start is quite a lengthy task, especially if you have a number of different topics or products, and therefore a number of different campaigns. I would suggest grouping relevant ads into super-relevant campaigns and making sure you list the keywords on which to bid for as well as those negatives – the terms you definitely don’t want to be bidding on.

It is a lot of time and effort to get a well-thought-through ads campaign running, there are a number of Google tools – upload spreadsheets, that will allow you to upload extensive ad groups quite quickly, but the real-time factor is in the planning.

Ads Management

As well as being a freelance marketing consultant I can provide Google Ads management services this is designed to allow you to have an audit of the accounts and report on the activity and effectiveness alongside a summary of those things done well, those not so well and those that have perhaps become outdated, or have simply not been updated. This can be done in tandem with a site audit.

There was a phase whereby single keyword adgroups were ‘a thing’ now, not so much – and I will advise on the best strategies for the individual campaigns as well as a strategy to your google ads campaigns. Whether this be to maximise the click rate or to run an optimisation on conversions and provide you with the necessary GTM tracking for the on site CTAs that you want to feature as a conversion.

Too busy to be checking Google Ads every day? Allow us to run and report on your campaigns – set a budget and stick to it, get updates and tweaks that intelligently apply those insights that google suggests and politely ignores the many that are perhaps not quite right for your business.

Landing pages – are you involved in eCommerce – tired of receiving trademark policy violations for your product specific adgroups? I can create and (upload to most CMS and WordPress platforms) well-designed landing pages that will allow the optimal serving of your ads to potential customers.

Tracking – want to do more than just get a conversion – want to know if there is any value beyond the purchase or sign-up events – I can provide full tracking services and link the information to Gads for audiences and remarketing as well as understanding the touchpoints in your conversions journeys, the on-site behaviours and eCommerce conversions.

Policy Violation!! These are often some of the most frustrating little warnings to pop up in your google Ads account. Essentially what they are saying is that the ‘Google Super Computer’ has picked up something that does not comply for reasons of copyright, safety or law and will therefore stop the campaign that is affected from running. The extent to which this can apply includes text within the adgroup, text within the landing page, text within the product pages/website content. Often these are complete nonsense, I had an account that had products using the word Interceptor, for some reason interceptor is on the ‘google super computer’ and therefore blocked a number of core business ads. The process of checking and appealing these instances can be quite a time consuming and… be extremely frustrating – hang in there and don’t get too trigger happy on the appeal button – as if no-change is registered they will block future appeal requests! I have a number of Google contacts – those people sprinkled with gold dust that can make your life considerably more worthwhile living and if the violation is applied incorrectly can help take the necessary steps to address and remove these restrictions.

the missing piece to your google ads and analytics management


Want to run a brand new google ads account  – not sure where to start?

I always start with audit of site and existing PPC activity – you may, for example, have been running paid social or other adwords type campaigns across the Microsoft Ads across their network. By analysing the site behaviours and past performance it is possible to pull some quite important data that will provide insight into what is most likely to work for your company.

From building out this information in line with real business objectives, brand messaging and digital advertising objectives a clear picture will emerge as to what target profiles are converting and which are not, what the reasons for strong or weak performance – does it lie with a fault in the website or tracking or is it that the messaging isn’t strong enough. Does there need to be more brand visibility and are you able to build enough trust in your product/s to allow for instant conversions, these are questions that can all be answered through research and then adding a layer of information about which profiles to target and relevant CTAs to the search query will all ensure maximal opportunity for performance?

From here setting up google ads is a case of spreadsheets – lots of them, writing alternate headlines and descriptions, utilising the landing page URLs and setting the additional ad details to allow for maximum impact and quality scores.

Once uploaded, depending on the adgroup strategy you can expect there to be a period of week or two of adjustment and machine learning, before the results start to happen, and then hopefully you can enjoy some deep stats and insight into your traffic and also the conversions.


SCHEDULES Spend and Delivery

The services I provide are relevant to ad account spends that are above £300 per month or campaigns that are above £1500 in cost. I can provide advice about scheduling these and whether to run this on a weekly schedule or monthly staggered programme. I can help set-budgets with you and
provide the reporting to measure the effectiveness of each campaign and build the profiles and data to build performance for future campaigns.

The costs for ceating or evolving a Google Ads Account are pitched alongside an audit in the first instance and where a new campaign/s are required.

The extent of the audit will depend on what information you are particularly looking for. Essentially it will evaluate on:

The flow of the site.

Summary on performance and conversion events

Site improvements and

Landing pages and user journeys

The fees for the management of the campaigns are usually around 20% of the monthly account spend, this is normally capped at £1,400.

Each account has its own set of challenges and a cost will be provided specifically for the management and optimisation of performance for your specific account. This will include a set of deliverables on a monthly basis.


Gads UTMs

I would normally suggest utilising auto-tagging and tracking of these campaigns, allowing google to automatically apply a tracking url (Gclid) to the advert and to connect GA4 with your Gads account. This will serve to provide you with access to each account within the GA4 platform and provide information on the campaign performance against queries such as search query, keyword and campaign within the usual date range and landing page details.

Emergency GAds support

Looking for hourly specialists for your google ads account – I can also provide ad-hoc fix and recover services from £60 ph This will include managing spend, fixing copy issues, reporting on activity and any problems, linked accounts and broken urls or account restrictions.

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