Google Analytics Training, Reports and Consultation
 Google Analytics Training, Reports and Consultation


Top Tips for getting to grips with google analytics training, GA4 property configuration and additional links and resources provided to check and book training, reporting and consultation services.

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So, we have made it through to the sunset of UA… the extensive love for UA coming through loud and clear on all social channels – however, is it a case of you don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve become familiar with it?

First of all – I suggest you take a quick look at a previous post, which details a bit about customising dashboards and hopefully will provide some general information in relation to setting up Google Analytics Dashboards…

If after reading this you prefer to have someone take control of your GA4 account, events, conversions and reporting – I would suggest you contact me or make enquiries for appropriate freelance support.

intuitive GA4 Reports

Firstly, you are not alone – you only need to spend 30 seconds on social media right about now to discover that everyone is finding the task of adjusting from UA a big one. Some of us have had accounts switch-off UA data upon the advised sunset of 1 July 2023, others and those on 360 properties still have the luxury of utilising UA reporting tools along side GA4 dashboards and explore reports.

So why is GA4 causing some serious pain-points?

There are a number of key differences in the base reporting data – you will have all spotted differences, and hopefully read-up on the official differences of UA to GA4 – if not you may find this link quite handy 

UA<>GA4 comparing metrics.

In addition to these differences, and the extensive advanced configuration required in order to receive Advanced Ecommerce Data the platform is different 

 its fluid, it allows intuitive reporting and encourages explorations! 

It’s a great tool – but theres a lot to learn, its likely there are a number of acquisition elments being classified differently within Default Channel Groupings and there are a significant amount of property settings to administer.

You will also find that there are – with validity reasons why your Dashboards and Explore reports contain differences – read up on the google dashboard and explore reports and reasons for differing data results.

Mismatched UA and GA4 Reporting data?

Automatic migration to ga4 for different account structures.

You may have read the above and thought – yep, I’ve dilligently checked all these points off but I am still struggling with the data and reports.

The most useful migration checklist I can suggest is this official migration checklist for automatic GA4 migration properties and it provides the differences in structure along-side the appropriate actions.



The point of this is that actually if you have checked all the set-up options and tagging and implemented the property or migrated property according to the suggestions, that it is likely that it is a matter of getting used to change.

I refer back to my earlier point on fluid reporting – it creates uncertainty when in addition to the intuitive nature of the data displays, you may have data that contradicts or does not allow a seamless transition in the reports.

There is now an extensive list of training courses available via Google Skillshop and if you haven’t done so already – suggest you do work through those available.

 Google Analytics Training, Reports and Consultation
GOOGLE ANALYTICS Training options

Each project is priced where possible as a set fee, where there is the need for flexibility in terms of replying to problems or queries in relation to report creation by your own internal team, a range of options can be provided to best suit your needs.

The types of services and skills included in this are:

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