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Teamwork really does make the dream-work, working with experts in their field allows collaborative and exceptional work flows, great ideas and new concepts, created from insights of your clients preferences.

Working to agile or collaborative deliveries experience an increase in productivity when employing an expert to converse and task work flows through the specialist departments of SEO, PPC, content, DEVs and creative.

 Project Management


On-Time On-Budget

Project management across existing internal teams and resourcing for particular skill-sets will ensure you can focus on the day-to-day areas of your business, whilst the project develops and is delivered.

The level of service can be tailored to your specific needs and budget and can incorporate any area of development. Experience spans across many digital and physical design projects and from the essential small biz site – to vast, complex multi-user and technical, informational resources, memberships, eCommerce, Marketing and re-branding.

A freelance project manager allows you the flexibility of setting a budget as opposed to committing to a full-time or salaried management role. It allows you to have access to specialist knowledge, whilst also having the personal attributes of big picture thinking, omni-channel analytics and just one point of contact to get high level overviews of expenditure, progress and timelines.

 Project Management

experience meets communication

I have managed to build quite extensive experience across areas of digital marketing and development, working in both small teams, start-ups and small businesses as well as within teams on larger accounts for global business.

I have built this experience from client-side roles and also working within agencies – from AM roles throughout specialist teams such as PPC, production, DEVs and content. I am therefore able to support most teams with the right experience to estimate project and task deliveries and also to identify when more time might be needed and the awareness to know when there may be an issue or problem causing time delays. It also means I can actually step in and assist with deliveries as opposed to just task up work.


The right plan

Available to provide project management on a contract, project or hourly basis I have experience in managing web builds, working with teams of DEVs as well as exertise in the wordpress environment. I am also experienced in campaign management and can cordinate artworkers, PPC and social teams whilst also creating schedules and providing the initial reporting and analysis – particularly advised for aeas of website improvement, content and SEO. I have worked with internal and external teams, within agencies and for agencies and can provide the necessary top-level advice to keep a project on track, whilst also tasking up work-flows and deliveries.



 Project Management


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