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“LegalTech” or “LawTech” whilst heavily invested in seems not to be reaching “lawyerTech” provisions and in this series of digitisation articles, I take a look at some of the possible initiatives you could feature within any web development or enhancement programmes you have planned. To exist successfully any business must focus on packaging products in a commercial manner and in terms of ecommerce the build/design of your website must accommodate these products and provide an opportunity to book or purchase.

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Product 'Packaging'

Clearly outline the details of each package on the website, including pricing, duration, and services offered. But even before that, if you are redesigning your site, it would be wise to take a fresh look at your product offerings afresh. 

Package Descriptions: Clearly outline the details of each package on the website, including pricing, duration, and services offered.

  • Legal Document Templates: Develop a range of customizable legal document templates covering common needs like contracts, agreements, and legal notices.
  • Legal Software Suites: Package comprehensive legal software suites featuring document management, e-signature capabilities, and legal research tools.
  • Legal Consultation Packages: Offer bundled consultation packages for various legal needs, such as business incorporation, estate planning, or intellectual property matters.
  1. Tailored Consultation Packages: Create a range of consultation packages catering to different legal needs, such as business law, family law, estate planning, etc.
  2. Duration and Scope: Specify the duration and scope of each consultation package, outlining the topics covered, expected outcomes, and any additional services included.
  3. Flexible Options: Offer flexible options for consultation delivery, including in-person meetings, phone consultations, video conferences, or email correspondence, depending on client preferences and convenience.

Voice Recognition Technology: Implement voice recognition technology to transcribe and document consultation conversations accurately, allowing lawyers to focus on client interaction without the need for manual note-taking.

  • Add-On Services: Offer add-on services such as document review, legal research, or ongoing support beyond the initial consultation, providing flexibility to meet clients’ evolving needs.
  • AI-Powered Virtual Assistants: Integrate virtual legal assistants powered by AI to assist lawyers during consultations, providing real-time access to relevant information, legal databases, and procedural guidelines.
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Some would argue that a bit of Blue-sky thinking in terms of tech and the legal process is also overdue, however, what is clear, is that whilst, as mentioned earlier in the article, there has been much investment in legal tech, that there is much a-miss in the B2B provision of legal services to the SME and equally much that could be done in provisioning access to legal advice for the consumer.

Even in terms of analysing onsite communication and interaction events – the easy route of providing a form to request a complaint/comment must surely be due an upgrade?

Web Design and Ideation for LegalTech websites


As an established wordpress designer/developer I can provide a range of services in regards to any new design/development project. These extend to ideation and initial planning and preparation services to content writing, structural, technical and ultimately a suite of design and build services. Typically the value of sites I build tends to be in the £5k-10k bracket, however, I also work with agencies, other freelancers and specialists and as such can provide you assistance in the creation of a brief to request information or tender for these design, build, management of site services.

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