The pros and cons of updating to the new ‘X’ Twitter logo
 The pros and cons of updating to the new ‘X’ Twitter logo


The new twitter X logo is advised to be an 'interim logo' download an SVG here.

22-23rd of July 2023 Tweets

change to Xeets and X’s


What does this spell for the platform everyone grew to slate so much – well we are advised this is only an interim logo so my guess is it spells an empire – an x.empire structure and one that I feel both disappointedly nostalgic (I have always, through it all secretly stood-up for Twitter) although by the same token have grown increasingly frustrated with the ‘ but it could be and has promise to be….’ rhetoric I seem to have adopted whereby I am convincing clients to stick with the platform.

So, the feelings of nostalgia, those same ones I find quite frustratingly present when watching films from the golden age of film… (the 90s for those of you that weren’t present) are actually being won over by feverish teaser campaign delivered by the man that is actually capable of pulling off this seismic rebrand and rebirth.

What’s the story behind the new Twitter logo X?

So it’s now time to follow the X’s and Xeets – but whats the motivation behind this bold change, personally speaking, I think it’s the right move and I am hoping all my futuristic thoughts of what could and might be – might just be about to stamp the social media space with – something unique, useful and genuinely providing a hub (for want of a better word) for those that choose to xeet.

After announcing his plans to rebrand in a series of tweets over the weekend, saying in one: “And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” Musk posted a photo of a giant “X” projected on Twitters HQ on Monday.

Why the X?

The reasons cited by musk for his choice of the ‘X’ are extensive – responses ranging widely from the connotations it has with unique-ness and both imperfection and awesomeness, it is also explained as being a symbol of everything – and new social channel being described as the ‘everything app’

Personally I think it’s a wise move – it is an undeniably ‘X’treme way of announcing change, it makes social marketers and business owners stop and think – I best not cut budget/time/creation just yet and in

fact – it might just be time for most of us to actually step it up again and watch this space!

What are the pros and cons of updating to the new ‘X’ Twitter logo


Consistent Branding. Utilising the new X logo for Twitter on the contact details section, your website can maintain consistent branding with Twitter’s updated identity. This consistency reinforces the association between your website and the social media platform, enhancing brand recognition for both.

Implementing the latest Twitter logo can showcase your website’s attention to design trends and stay up-to-date with current branding practices. This can create a positive impression among visitors, showing that your site is relevant and in touch with the latest developments.

Users who click on the Twitter icon in the contact details will see the familiar X logo, which can lead to a seamless experience and reduce confusion. It ensures that visitors can easily find and access your Twitter profile without having to second-guess the social media platform.

Increased Credibility: Keeping your website’s contact details up to date, including the latest social media icons, demonstrates professionalism and attention to detail. It can enhance your website’s credibility, especially for users who frequently engage with social media.


As the new X logo is relatively new, users may not immediately recognize it as Twitter’s official logo. If visitors are accustomed to the traditional Twitter bird logo, they might face some uncertainty when attempting to identify the social media platform from the X symbol.

Updating the social contact icon too soon after the logo change could lead to confusion among users who are not yet familiar with the new Twitter logo. This confusion might impact click-through rates to your Twitter profile temporarily.

Switching to a different social contact icon requires design adjustments to ensure it fits well within your website’s layout. Depending on your website’s design and where the icon is placed, you may need to make minor adjustments to accommodate the new X logo effectively. It is also the time factor – it is rare, for example, that I get the luxury of responding to an ‘unforeseen’ on my own site – my clients, however, generally stay right up to the moment 😊

Some users might prefer the old Twitter bird logo, and updating it might receive mixed feedback. Negative reactions from users who are attached to the previous logo could potentially impact the perception of your website.

Social media platforms occasionally update their logos over time. By adopting the latest version, you may find yourself needing to update the contact details icon again in the future if Twitter introduces yet another logo change. Which is on the cards as it is currently described as an ‘interim logo’.

Where can I download the New Twitter logo – X

Right here - an SVG and up-loadable to your site as an icon.

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